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September Vote Competition


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This month we will be hosting a Voting Competition. Any player with 24 or more votes on the 25th of September will be entered into a raffle-style draw, giving everyone a fair chance of winning the prizes below.



  • $50 - 5 x $10 Scrolls - Gim Aex
  • $40 - 4 x $10 Scrolls - Nameless
  • $30 - 3 x $10 Scrolls - AlxAnny
  • $20 - 2 x $10 Scrolls - Tomashius
  • $10 - 1 x $10 Scrolls - LaTs


How do I vote?


Visit https://zaros.io/login?next=/vote logged into the account you want to vote on, click both "Vote" buttons, enter the captcha questions on the external websites, and then type ::claimvotes in-game to claim your rewards.

How is the competition drawn?


Any player with 24 or more votes on the end date will be entered into a spreadsheet, and a random number generator will be used to pick the five winners. The rewards will automatically be placed on the account, and this thread will be updated with the winners' names.

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