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Game info tips - add more


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The game info messages such as image.png.4a8e5b2bc99b2a5051b512b3ab83ebfb.png announce a tip about the server. They happen every 15 minutes and while some of them are useful, they do feel a bit spammy.

My suggestion is to add more! I already made a list. This post will be made on the forums and on Discord. If people want to suggest hints to add to the list, post them below or shoot me a dm! Also I'm not a native english speaker, I'm expecting to have made some gramatical errors and some straight up bad sentenses, so any attempt to be a grammar nazi will be greatly appriciated!

I split them up into cathegories just to make it easier to prevent making dupes (I get the same thoughts a lot) and just to make it easier to find some!


  • Amy's saw will automatically teleport you to your construction contract location!
  • Most skilling outfits can be obtained by doing said skill. You can thieve rogue's outfit
  • The gem bag is obtained through the motherlode mine.
  • Achievements are very useful! The explorers ring will teleport you to most farming patches!
  • You can use bones on the prayer altar in the wilderness for bonus xp. Be warry of pkers though!
  • Lunar's fertile soil spell is the easiest <only> way to compost your plants! You can upgrade it to supercompost with a tome of ash.
  • You can mine cool dragonite ore in the lava dragon isle in the wilderness.
  • Did you know that donators can use noted coal to smelt bars?


  • Accidentily ruined your pure? Go visit the melee combat tutor north of the bank.
  • Attacking certain wilderness bosses like Galvek or Wildy Key Bosses will automatically skull you!
  • To get a Fire Cape, you only have to fight Jad. Visit the fight caves now!
  • To get an Infernal cape, you have to defeat Jad, 3 x Jad, and Zuk. If you want to have a chance for the pet you have to fully complete the Inferno.
  • Zuk's pet chance will be boosted if you are on a slayer assignment.
  • Inferno too easy? Try fighting 6 Jads!
  • Xamphur is a custom quest boss which will drop the book of the dead!
  • Mutant Tarn is a custom boss which will drop salve amulets and rings! (bonusses do not stack)
  • Are you tired of fighting the boring cave kraken? Try the sea kraken instead!
  • Your bowfa looks ugly. You should re-color it. Farm crystals from the Fragment of Seren boss!
  • You can fight Vanstrom Klause for a blood shard or the ability to make life-stealing arrows!


  • You can right click the home teleport to teleport to your previous 3 locations.
  • Bonus statues may occasionally spawn! Find them fast for cool bonus effects!
  • You can switch to the arceuus spellbook by teleporting to the blood altar!
  • You will automatically unlock Prifddinas by reaching level 70 in most skills.
  • You can check your town board tasks in the character summary.
  • Donators can automatically complete clue scrolls at Dr. Clue, north of the Edge bank.
  • The rejuvination box at home will fully restore health, prayer, run energy, stats, and cure your poison! (And it's an achievement!)
  • You don't need goggles for the slayer helm. 
  • The ring of wealth will automatically pick up gold drops and marks of grace.
  • Pets have cool perks! Dagannoth king perks will make the minions non-aggressive!
  • Some pets have unique perks! Did you know KBD and Vorkath pets give you bonus damage to all dragons?
  • The Hellpuppy pet perk will reduce prayer drain from the ghosts at cerberus.
  • The mining pet perk will give you an invisible +10 mining boost.
  • You can go to the quest tab -> purple icon -> drop table viewer and look up a monster's droptable or right click the search box to look by item.
  • When you look up a drop table, it will automatically be updated to your conditions. Like bonus drop chance, on-task kills and even pet scrolls!


  • <something about doomsayers store and effects, this looks cool but i have 0 understanding>
  • You can buy a dwarven cannon with slayer points, voting tokens <i think, fact check> or from other players!
  • The wandering trader is a great way to make money on an ironman account!
  • There is an achievement to high-alchemy 25m worth of items. However you earn more from selling stuff to the general store.
  • Thieving from elves or vampyres can be a great source for money!
  • Killing Revenants can be a great source of income!
  • Emblems from Revenants can be traded in for 3x the value in coins!

Fun easter eggs (these need some explaining):

This next one is a 2 line message:
Cat q p
Meo W
Very important game addition for obvious reasons.

Another easter egg idea I had was a special rare message. It has an 1/1000 chance of appearing (with a message being posted every 15 mins, this comes out to just under once every 10 days)
When the message appears, you can screenshot it and post it to a place in Discord, this would either enter you for a giveaway, or straight up win you a reward if you were first. I believe this will boost the amount of people looking at Discord, and also potentially being a fun community activity.



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