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Weekend of Events~ 8/3-10/3


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Hello everyone, 
Welcome to the Weekend of Events! Each weekend the team will be hosting up to 15 events with juicy prizes/Boosts - the staff run events will start at approximately
 19:00 server time. The prizes for specific events will be announced once the event has started, the prizes can range from mystery boxes to cosmetics to donation tokens!
Nightmare Boost - Nightmare drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.(30%)
Bonus Golden Nuggets - Golden Nuggets obtained from the Motherlode Mine will be boosted for a limited time duration.(x3)
Clue Boost - Players will receive extra rolls on uniques for a limited amount of time.(+3)
Bonus Birdhouses - The time it takes for birdhouses to finish will be lowered for a limited time duration.(66%)
Pest Control Boost - Pest Control points will be boosted for a limited amount of time.(+6)
Tombs of Amascut - Tombs of Amascut points will be boosted for a limited time duration.(15%)
Bonus Carpenter Points - Extra points when completing Mahogany Homes contracts will be turned on for a limited time duration.(x3)
Slayer Points Boost - Users will receive increased slayer points upon the completion of any slayer task for a limited time duration.(x2)
Slayer Drops Bonus - Users will receive increased caskets, superior spawn and superior unique drop rates(imbued heart, eternal gem) for a limited time duration.(25%)
Chamber of Xeric's Boost - Chamber of Xeric's drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.(30%)
Bonus Barrows - Bonus chance to obtain Barrows Uniques will be boosted for a limited time duration.(25%)
Fishing Boost - Fishing catch rate will be boosted for a limited time duration.(66%)
Bonus Gold Drops - Gold obtained will be boosted for a limited time duration.(x2)
EXP - Players will receive bonus EXP ALL weekend long!!!(x1.5)
Heron - The first person to receive Heron this weekend will win. (150 Credits) Pm Meso Dizzy "emonogf" or ZelX "zelx."(don't forget the period!) on discord or reply to this thread with a full client screenshot with the words "Weekend Event" in your chatbox to win.

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4 hours ago, Realist 3 said:

Looking forward to the events, maybe Nex Rates and Pet Rates next weekend?? ?

We had both last weekend. So im open to one of them but probably not both. Have to change up the order and combos

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