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CALM CC [CC Events - Giveaways - Pvm - PKING]


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Zaros symbolCalm Zaros symbol

Hey Everyone, Welcome to our Clan thread!

Clan Chat.png Friends Chat - Calm


Logo for Discord, depicting an icon resembling a game controller inside a speech bubble   




ūüĆ鬆Home World - WORLD 1


About Calm 

We are a community driven together by one another. 
We aim to bring together the community in a unique way with regular events, Regular giveaways for our CC members and tons more! Looking for a place to chill out and talk with other members? You've found the perfect CC!

This CC is open to all members of Zaros! There is no application process at the moment.



Recruit clan rank.png Recruit - Recruit ranks are given to members of the CC who have been active, Helpful and polite towards all members of the Calm CC and in Discord.

Corporal clan rank.png Corporal - Corporal ranks are given to members who already have the Recruit rank. If they continue to be active/helpful they will receive this rank!

Sergeant clan rank.png Sergeant - Sergeant ranks are given to members who are deemed trusted and responsible by the Clan Owner and Co - Owner.

Lieutenant clan rank.png Lieutenant - Lieutenant ranks are given to highly trusted members who have proven they are responsible for the role.

Captain clan rank.png Captain - Captain ranks have the ability to kick trolls/members that are misbehaving in the CC.

General clan rank.png General - The General rank is the highest rank obtained by a regular member.

Owner clan rank.png Owner - Owner of the Calm CC.



Follow the Official Zaros Server Rules here







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