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Yoza, whats up. Sceptre here


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Yoza, whats up. Sceptre here

you may or may not have met me before in the support cc where ive done my best to help players as best to my ability.

so a little info about me: i have been playing runescape since 2006 and rsps's since Moparscape was actually a private server. i do enjoy outdoors , hiking, boating, fishing etc including a vast catagory of water sports. i am a huge fan of gaming of all types: console, pc, mobile etc. and i do enjoy abit of banter about different games as abit of "fresh air" from just focusing on one area of gaming

as part of the beta, regardless of the time i was on it compared to those who were on it for months, i did my best to learn as much as i could about zaros as a whole so i could spread my knowledge to new players who make up the zaros community, so feel free to hit me up with a pm ingame or Discord: Vaxion_Sceptre#8322 and ill do my best to answer your questions as best i can.


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