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ring of wealth (i)


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33 minutes ago, Kenzz said:

Hi there @Obsidian

The ring of wealth has the same effect as on osrs https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Ring_of_wealth#(5) and yes it can be imbued using a ring of wealth scroll.

Hope this answered your question ^^

Well in osrs it increases odds of rare drop table (idk if this is true), but also collect all dropped money from monsters, which it doesn't do.

Imbued just doubles clue drop rate from wilderness which is pretty much useless imo.

Is there any chance to give generally more valuable drops from row/row(I)? Like more slayer caskets, money drops and brimstone keys. But that may be too OP?

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5 minutes ago, Kenzz said:

That could be a suggestion in the future absolutely. If im not mistaken to toggle the coin pickup you need to have the 10$ donator perk.

Not entirely sure if it increases the chance of the rare droptable however.

Alright, excited for the suggestions sub-forum ^^ Thank you!

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