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Hunter Guide


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Hey, welcome to my hunter guide. Hope this helps! Leave a post if there is any incorrect information and I will make sure to update.


1: Starting off, grab around 10k cash and buy 5 small nets from the tool store and 5 ropes from the general store. Teleport to Skilling > Hunter > Feldip hills. Here you will find the 'Hunter store'. Buy 3 bird snares, 5 box traps and around 5 inventories of butterfly jars (depends on your game mode). 



Tip: Hold TAB and right click an NPC to tag them

Crimson swifts (Levels 1-19)

Traps used: Bird snares

How to get there - Skilling > Hunter > Feldip hills.  

Run all the way east.




Tropical wagtails (Levels 19 - 45)

Traps used: Bird snares

How to get there - Skilling > Hunter > Feldip hills

You will find them slightly north of the teleport spot.





Black warlocks - (Levels 45-55)

Traps used: Butterfly jars and net trap.

How to get there - Skilling > Hunter > Feldip hills

You will find them all around the teleport spot. 





Orange salamanders - (55-65)

Traps used: x3 Small nets and ropes

How to get there - Fairy ring code (D-L-Q)

Run north (slightly northeast) until you reach the hunter symbol on your minimap. Simply click the young-trees!




Red salamanders - (65 - 75)

Traps used: x3 Small nets and ropes

How to get there -  Use the spirit tree at edgeville, outside the general store > Battlefield of Khazard

Run west (slightly southwest) until you reach the hunter icon on the minimap. Simply click on the young-trees!




Red chinchompas - (Level 75-90)

Traps used: Box traps

How to get there - Skilling > Hunter > Feldip hills

Run east until you're next to the river. You'll find plenty of chins here.



Tip: Extreme donators + can use the cave south of the teleport spot.





Black chinchompas - (Level's 90 - 99) DANGEROUS

Traps used: Box traps

How to get there - Player vs player tp > Black chins

Direct teleport.


Alternative methods




Aerial fishing requires 35 hunter and 45 fishing. It can be accessed through the Fishing > Lake Molch teleport. This will provide you with both fishing and hunter experience, but isn't very efficient until the later levels. This is also the only method I know of to obtain the angler outfit.

Your exp rates will upgrade (higher tier of fish) at levels:

51 hunter and 56 fishing. 

68 hunter and 73 fishing.

87 hunter and 91 fishing.

(Will give exp rates for different modes at a later date)



How to get there - Fishing > Lake molch


Items required: Knife (you'll find one at the teleport spot)

  1. Right click 'Alry the Angler' and click 'Get bird'. Must not have anything in your weapon slot.
  2. When he gives you the bird, pickup around 5 king worms. Proceed to click on the moving fishing spots!
  3. After your inventory has filled up or you run out of bait (king worms), cut the fish with the knife to gain cooking exp and provide more bait for your hunting bird!







Herbiboar requires 80 hunter and 30 herblore. It is a much less intensive method of training hunter and as per the name, it also provides a small amount of herbs per run. 


Items needed: Secateurs (magic preferred)  - Herb sack recommended

How to get there - City teleport > Fossil Island 

Run west and then northeast until you reach the second hunter icon on your minimap.


1: When you inspect the first rock (tagged automatically) some footprints will appear. Follow them.




2: Continue to inspect wherever the path leads you to (muddy hole in this pic) and you will uncover more footprints.





3: You will know when the run is over once you reach the end of the path and the 'herbiboar' appears after the last inspection. Harvest the herbiboar to complete the run!





Tips: If the herbiboar despawns, going back to the beginning location and clicking on the 'tunnel' next to the rock will make him reappear. 



You will learn the patterns with experience.

WARNING: Do not click on the 'smelly mushroom' or 'ancient fungi'. It will animate it and you will be attacked.



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5 minutes ago, Sen said:

You will find them all around the teleport spot. Tip: Hold TAB and right click one to tag them.

Maybe move this one to the top, i think it's a very useful tip to begin with : ) 

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