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Got HP xp without knowing


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13 minutes ago, Polo said:

I completed Romeo and Juliet without knowing I'd get HP experience and I can't reset HP, is there any way I could get some sort of rollback and have the quest uncompleted and my hp lvl reset? I'm a lvl 3 skiller

I just did Romeo & Juliet on my skiller but just a future reference you can lock combat xp via advance options (zaros) as i almost did literally the same thing, hopefully something could be sorted as the combat lock xp is somewhat hidden away, imo there should be a command i.e like ::lockxp etc etc.

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47 minutes ago, November said:

Should have been more careful! There's a forums guide with the rewards given.

I would not consider this a careless action. Not everyone uses the forum, and not everyone would be cognizant that they are rewarded completely different rewards, most especially experience in different combat skills from quests that do not even give these rewards in original Old School RuneScape. This is misleading and is ruining accounts every day, the experience rewards should be changed to general experience lamps or experience lamps the specific skill, in which players have the option to use or drop/empty. 


@Polo - I hope someone with the power can look into your issue and assist you. Good luck, friend! 

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