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November's Firemaking Guide. ( Wintertodt )


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The best method of obtaining 99 Firemaking is easily Wintertodt, with only a minor requirement of 50 Firemaking.

WARNING: Wintertodt is an UNSAFE minigame, and if you die you WILL lose your Hardcore status on Ironmen.

Before you head over to Wintertodt, you'll need to obtain your Warm Clothing ( if you're 99 HP ), if not and are still 10 HP you can go ahead in with Salmons.

How to obtain Warm Clothing.


Fremmenik Gloves from Relleka's Fancy Clothes Store.



Lumberjack Hat if you've already achieved 99 Woodcutting.

Fire Tiara vía Fire Talisman ( commonly dropped ) + Tiara ( Silver Bar + Tiara Mould ).


A Staff of Fire.

A Lit Bug Lantern. ( Nieve's Slayer Shop )

Bomber Jacket. ( Achievement Store for 500K )

Fire Cape.


This is what your gear normally would look like.



There's other boosts to this such as the Clue Hunter Gear, Yak gear, Evil Chicken's Outfit, but some of these are a bit out of the way to obtain.



Head over to Wintertodt and enter the gates, you'll see 6 boxes as soon as you enter, here you can obtain everything you need for the minigame!




This is what your inventory should look like as you obtain everything, you can recalculate on your need of brews / salmon depending on how many times you are hit in each game.


As soon as you join in, head over to one of the east or west sides to pick some of the herbs needed.




Once you obtain Bruma Herbs, use them on your Vials of Water to make Rejuvenation Potions! These are useful for helping the Pyromancers when they are downed.



You can now start to grind! Head over to one of the corners of the arena to begin obtaining your Bruma Roots.



Once your inventory is filled, use your knife on the Bruma Roots to obtain Bruma Kindlings.



After you've converted all your roots, use your Bruma Kindlings on the Burning Brazier, or just click "Feed".



NOTE: From time to time the Brazier will need to be started again, just click on "Light" to begin feeding it again.



It will also break, just click on "Fix" to fix it, and begin feeding it again.



After Wintertodt reaches 0, you will obtain your rewards ? 



The loot ranges from your best current skills, and it can yield some of the best loot for skilling, a Phoenix Pet, and Pyromancer clothes.



1.- Obtain 50 Firemaking with any preferred method. ( Logs - Oaks - Willows at Draynor is one of the fastest ).

2.- Head over to Wintertodt with your Warm Clothing.

3.- Obtain all the supplies from each crate.

4.- Obtain your Bruma Herbs and make your Rejuvenation Potions.

5.- Head over to the Bruma Roots and chop it!

6.- Turn your Bruma Root into Bruma Kindlings.

7.- Burn your Bruma Kindlings.

8.- Fix or Relight the Brazier as needed, Rejuvenate the Pyromancer as needed.

9.- You're done!

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