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Down time

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I swear this server updates 4x a day and I am unable to log in multiple times throughout the day. Is it only me that cannon't log in so many times per a day? (3x+) or is it just the updates? Sometimes it's so laggy, I log in and then the client crashes 4x before I can actually stay in-game. I'm thinking it's due to w3 being down and so many players on w1? 


Anyway, I got a snowstorm headed in, will be snowing in my state in about 2 hours. What's every1 doing in-game?

P.S - Is there a more efficient way to obtain ranarr seeds other than thieving the master farmer npc? (Ironman mode)

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2 minutes ago, Simon said:

Server was online for 11 hours, then this update got pushed out + a fix for the currently bugged Trading Post.

You most likely had unfortunate timing when trying to log in.

It can only go uphill from this point.

Well, I know most of it is due to the updates. I'm just saying it's so frequent. It's been happening to me everyday since release. The lag problem has doubled since removal of w3 for bug fixes or whatever they're doing.

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