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A lot of speculation regarding our stance on game services so this thread will clear things up.

Lost items/accounts:
By the official rules of Zaros, account sharing is at your own risk. However users who are to be found to be providing services just to steal items and/or accounts will be severely punished. Users who have been a victim to this may be eligible for a refund if we are able to locate the items. Accounts stolen may be recovered via the livechat.

Official rule:
g. Account sharing is at the discretion of the player.  If a player chooses to share an account and that account thereafter is jailed, muted, banned, "hacked", or otherwise punished, the original owner of the account is responsible for whoever logs into it and these punishments will remain in place.

Advertising Services:
Advertising services in-game will be strictly prohibited on yell and via game chat. However, you are allowed to direct users to your service thread if they ask for it. Users found to be adverting said threads will be punished accordingly.

Zaros Administration 

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