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Unable to log into W1 (SINCE RELEASE)

S M 1 T E D

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I have not been able to log into W1 since the release. W2 and 3 (when it was around) are fine, but not W1. When I try it says "connecting to server" for about 1-3 minutes then "connection timed out. please try using a different world." After that happens I usually am not able to log back into W2 and have to reset the client in order to log back into w2. 

This is a persistent issue. I made a bug report post on forums over 2 weeks ago, contacted multiple mods in-game as well as tried to reach out to developers, no one seems to know what is going on but surely there is an issue and others may be facing it as well. 

Please look into this as i'd like to be able to play on the populated world at times.. 



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