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Motherload Mine Guide


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What is Motherload Mine?

-Motherload mine is a place which requires at least 30 Mining for you to use. It is one if not the best Mining XP Methods In-game



30 Mining (72 Mining for upper level/Super Donator Status/100 Golden) Mining icon.png

A Pickaxe Dragon pickaxe.pngRune pickaxe.png

Note- You don't require a hammer as it never breaks!



Getting To Motherload Mine (Skilling Teles-Motherload Mine)



The Process:



1. Firstly you want to find an 'Ore Vein' which will present you with 'Pay Dirt' in your inventory.



2. After you get a full Inventory, you want to take your Dirt to the 'Hopper in the Centre of the Mine



3. You then want to Collect your dirt from the Sack to get your Rewards!


-Ores (You can only obtain the ore once you have the mining level)

-Golden Nuggets-




Golden Nuggets:



Golden nugget.pngGolden nugget.pngGolden nugget.pngGolden nugget.pngGolden nugget.pngGolden nugget.pngGolden nugget.png


Golden Nuggets are obtain by mining the dirt and putting into the 'Hopper' and collecting from the Sack'

You can spend your Nuggets by talking to the NPC Prospector Percy








Full Prospector 


Each Piece will give you a boost in XP in Mining. There are 5 pieces of the set which means you get a 5% XP Boost for the whole set!

Golden nugget.pngCost: 280 Golden Nuggets: 


Soft clay pack

Soft clay pack.png

Soft clay pack is an item pack containing 100 soft clay.

Golden nugget.pngCost: 3 Golden Nuggets


Dragon Axe Upgraded Kit

Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit.png

Used on the dragon pickaxe to create the dragon pickaxe (upgraded), which alters solely the pickaxe's appearance, and does not modify any stats.

Golden nugget.pngCost: 75 Golden Nuggets


Coal Bag

Coal bag.png

The coal bag holds up to 27 pieces of coal (36 if a smithing cape is equipped).

Golden nugget.pngCost: 100 Golden Nuggets


Gem Bag

Gem bag.png

It can hold 60 of each (300 total) Uncut Gems of the following types

-Uncut Sapphire Uncut sapphire.png

-Uncut Emerald Uncut emerald.png

-Uncut Ruby Uncut ruby.png

-Uncut Diamond Uncut diamond.png

-Uncut Dragonstone Uncut dragonstone.png

Golden nugget.png Cost: 100 Golden Nuggets


Golden nugget.png  100 Golden Nuggets/Trade in XP

For 100 Golden Nuggets you can pay 'Prospector Pete' to use the 2nd Floor of the mine

This is closer to the hopper which means more XP/Nuggets per hour




Hope this guide helps, as always anything I've missed out let me know and I'll get it added in!



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I'm sure this'll help out plenty of newer players mate, would be great to mention that it's most efficient to purchase access to the 2nd floor before buying anything else? Experience, nuggets and ores all go up quite a lot like you mentioned! Always appreciate the guides you share 😄

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