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Merry Christmas!

My name is James, 24, live in Georgia. I've been apart of RSPS for a little more than a decade now but haven't touched RSPS this year. I had heard that the owners had made another server so I decided to give this one a shot and see what it's like. It seems like this kind of server fits what I've enjoyed in the past so I'm looking forward to spending a decent amount of time on here. 

I'm seeing a lot of familiar usernames around the forum and server who came from Ikov so looking forward to catching up with some of you (and glad to see many of you are still around after all this time).

Not much has changed with me (for those who know or remember me), I'm a horror fanatic, love some anime, listen to all sorts of music, and been in the same job for the past seven years (retail work).

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of new faces and what not, that's about all I got. Let me know if you have any questions!


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