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Wintertodt loot requires attention.


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For a Minigame, the loot received is incredibly underwhelming. I can't imagine how people with lower XP rates feel, to go SO many games, without getting rewarded in any way.

I have 15 kc at Wintertodt on my GIM. That was enough to get me 21m Firemaking, and the loot has been abysmal. I got fairly lucky from tome pages, but I have no tome to put them in. I have 99 farming, and 89 Herblore, but the seeds and Herbs I have been receiving have been mostly low tier.

I have 99 woodcutting, and haven't received any logs, (that I remember anyway). If I had they were low tier and just went unnoticed.

Wintertodt is a skilling minigame that although fast on OSRS, still requires a lot of runs to hit 99. For people who want to skill, it feels like a lot of wasted time trying to get something like Pyro, or even to try and get a Tome/D-Axe on Iron accounts.

It's hard to propose a solution that is balanced, but loot rolls should be weighted more on skill levels to give better loot, and/or add a roll multiplier to that of OSRS (x2/x3 per roll?) . This will provide people with another moneymaker from skilling, keeping this minigame active, and providing the loot that we expect from such a minigame, without needing to grind a very boring minigame (particularly once you have already hit 99).


I feel the Tome of Fire should be an accessible item. I can understand if the pet was kept as rare as it currently is, to give people something to grind for, but as a GIM player currently, I have seen posts of people going 60+ games or more and not even seeing a piece of Pyro, let alone the tome or DAxe. At least the DAxe is accessible via bossing.

From what I have seen from other peoples posts, the loot has been very underwhelming for everyone.

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192m fm xp on regular xp mode about 135 games, maxed out and have to agree on the level of low tier and pretty terribly loot. Started banking my chests in hopes of buff. Also hear that pyromancer gloves and bruma torch arnt coded into the game? not sure how true that is, so dont want to open crates until im sure I can get them.

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Seeing that people have gone 200m EXP & seen maybe 1 unique I do have to agree this needs a little LTC! Would love to see more of the outfits rocking about! And a tome if fire in my pocket aswell..



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Bumping this! Wintertodt definitely needs some love. @Vcx just posted his log from 200m Firemaking here and he only got 2 uniques - yikes. I have approximately 70m experience over 4 accounts (2 of them being 20m+ experience on x8 exp modes) and I also have only received pyro top + bottom on 1 account and top on another, nothing else. We desperately need a change to the rates of pyromancer gear if nothing else.

I have done multiple 7.5k+ points games (which 7.5k is pretty much the max points you can get in a solo, because WT takes so much damage from the braziers) with my highest game being 8650 and my best reward from those games were maple seeds and burnt pages. Sad day 😞

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That's right!


I have done Wintertodt on 2 ironman accounts, and the only thing i can say is; AWFUL


Even the loot is not correct "when the chatbox is a screen after you open a crate; it says for example "3x swordfish, 9x harralander seed,..." i get 2 swordfish n 3 harralander seeds".....

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