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Zalcano needs to be made more viable for smaller teams or even solo. This isn't like OSRS where you have a dedicated world or CC for finding teams for the boss. 
Right now you need 4-6 experienced players to kill Zalcano by phase 1 or 2. Another problem is depending on your time zone/free time it's impossible to find a team. 

So here's a few potential fixes that I came up with:

  • Scale the damage you do based on team size - more damage when solo, less when with more people so it stays consistent
  • Scale the drops based on team size - it's pointless to solo it for 15 minutes for it to drop 1500 rune essence
  • Add daily/weekly events for incentive to do Zalcano - many people don't know Zalcano is actually good money and a good way to farm supplies for Ironmen

These are just from the top of my head, if anyone has more suggestions I'd be happy to add them to the thread.


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