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First Ever Youtube Video


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Its very lame video how I just fish and cook, more videos will come and they will be better with time... you can just go ahead and skip to zulrah, I died on the end and got tilted so i just closed zaros :"D


Also I am hunting for that blowpipe cause I am broke as hell!





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2 minutes ago, Diamond said:

Nice video pal,

Really good English also 🙂

Can't wait for the next. 

Bro.. thank you very much for support

You gave me the hype to record more

I think I will post another episode tomorow 😌

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7 hours ago, FTWImCody said:

Very nice video, suggestion is balance out the audio a bit...had to turn it WAYYY up for talking parts then my ears were destroyed on the music parts 😛 Other than that..great video!

ummm yeeee... sorry bout that but my mic is lil bit broken for a few days now... gonna try record better for next video.... thank you my man

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