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10 hitpoints

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Hi all. My name is Mitch. I haven't played a RuneScape private server since the early 2010s, so I'm excited to be back! I played the Trailblazer League and realized how much I missed the private server feel to RuneScape. 

My hobbies include cyber security, home automation, and watching movies. 

I'm playing as a 10HP account. Hopefully I'll max one day.  We'll see. 😉

See everyone in game!

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Welcome mate! 

The server is awesome, and we mostly have a great community.
It's the closest to 07 you'll get when it come's to the RSPS world, but we have a great Dev team working hard to get content out and make our experience awesome!
Good luck with the grind man! 

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Welcome dude, I'm really hoping you start an Achievement's thread showing bosses you've beat and items you've self gained whilst maintaining 10hp.. Would be really cool to see! Good luck on your adventure and don't be afraid to pop up and say hello!



6pMxCgf.gif Will Always Find me in 'Support' CC 6pMxCgf.gif


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