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**Corona has reached Zaros**


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I am the best disease,
Hide in your homes and wait for Zaros, if you please.

I am killing lives,
And spreading negative vibes,

Symptoms like fever make you weak,
Doctor’s help, you need to seek.

Started in China, now, even David will get sick,
Let us unite and spead, quick.

You will have fever as I told,
You will get headache and a cold.

Following up, then comes cough,
Getting rid of, is now quite tough.

Muscle pain can come too.
Something like immunity, haha, won't save you.

Sneeze and cough without a tissue,
But honestly, I am the solution and not the issue.

Go to crowded places,
And be one of those thousand cases.


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  • Corona changed the title to Corona has reached Zaros

"Dear COVID,

You surprised us with your entrance and invasion in our lives. Your wave across the country felt too distant and then within moments came crashing down on us. At first your presence gave many people the chance to slow down, the chance to make and eat meals as a family and the chance for parents to get involved in kids' schooling again. They have been good lessons and you have given us sufficient practice. Thank you. 

You have overstayed your welcome though.  Your social effects are worse than your illness. We have lost loved ones and not been able to gather, grieve or support our families or friends. We have loved ones sick and hospitalized, for a multitude of reasons, whom we have to leave, isolated in the hospitals with no support system. They lie alone in the hospital bed and their loved ones lie alone at home. 


Welcome to Zaros, corona

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  • Corona changed the title to *Corona has reached Zaros*
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  • Corona changed the title to **Corona has reached Zaros**
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