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Kyle - Introduction


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Hey everyone!

My name is Kyle - Long time player from Atlas, hopefully a lot of you remember me. I'll probably be using this account 'Kyle' as my main normie account, and then the account 'Spirit' will likely be my HCIM. Planning on focusing HCIM for the most part, hopefully be one of the first few to max but we'll see!

Since I stopped playing Atlas, I've been playing a lot of OSRS recently, so feel free to hit me up if you're on OSRS as well.


Cannot wait for this server to launch! Hope as a developer is huge, so excited to grind out ironman again.



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Welcome to the server bud, hope you enjoy your stay and reach your HCIM goals! It's always exciting starting a new server and having so many aspects of competition on equal footing. I'm sure you'll find something to be the best at!


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