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RE: Chambers of Xeric


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Raids boost scroll

A 5% point boost is negligible enough that it is absolutely not worth spending any voting tokens on at this point in time. Most of my time spent playing this game is doing solo raids. On average, I can expect about 33,000 points per raid. A 5% increase on this raid would give me an additional 1,650 points. In other words, it's just as if my raid contained a boulder instead of a tree shortcut, or I chugged 3 revitalization potions to cap on the points gained from that. 

I would suggest lowering the amount of time the boost is in effect for (30 minutes), and increasing the benefit (25%). 

There was supposed to be more to this thread but I feel like it will fall on deaf ears. In short, CoX items are not coming into the game too fast, hundreds of players need to purchase these items and it's not cool having to pay 450M for a dex scroll. These prices are discouraging to new players. 

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