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Hey There Everyone! First Off I'd Like To Wish Everyone A Happy New Years! Today We Are Officially Opening The Clan-Chat "Payout" For ALL Games Of Chance. A Little Back-Story/History Of The Clan: Payout Was First Released As A Group Of Friends Who Gambled Together/Hosted On The Original SoulSplit. At First, It Was More Of A Place Where Everyone Who Enjoyed Gambling Just Went To Chat/Buy n Sell Items/Just Have Fun, But It Turned Into Something Much Greater! We Ended Up Being In The Top 3 Gamble Clan's From The Year And A Half I Played For (If You Played OG SoulSplit Then You Would Understand/Appreciate Even Top 10 Moreless Top 3!). Eventually SoulSplit Closed Then We Then Went Into An Inactive Phase Until We Started Playing Near-Reality. NR Brought A New Light On The Trusted Host Scene Hence Giving Us A Reason To Reopen, We Then Played There Until It Too Eventually Died Off. To Sum Up The Rest, We Then Went To Original IKOV (Not The One That Is Open Now) And Had A Very Successful Clan Chat There And On A Few Other Servers Up Until Now! *Sorry For The Rant I Just Feel Some People Would Like To Hear Some History On The CC They Will Be Betting In, And I Too Find It Interesting To Know The History Of A Gamble CC, As There Is So Many Different Nostalgic Times In My RSPS Career*












- *ONLY* Place Bets On Ranked Hosts (Check Their Appropriate Rank As They Have Limits On Pot Sizes Etc)
- We Offer 100% Refund On Your Bet If Scammed (ONLY IF YOU HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE *PLEASE RECORD!*)
- We Only Host 55x2/45x2(Under)/80x3/Hot n' Cold/BlackJack
- No Bet Is Too Small! (We ALWAYS Try To Have Atleast 1 Person On For Those Small Bets Others Wont Take!)
- All Hosts MUST Stick To Their Pot Size Limits (If Caught Taking Too Big Of Pot [Win Or Lose], You Will Be De-Ranked)
- Every Host Must Announce The Bet Size/Game In The CC Prior To Rolling
- Hosts Must Be Respectful Of Others In The Gamble Area (Your Name/Reputation Is What Shows The Clans Reputation)
- If A Refund Is Asked For At ANY Point Before You Roll, You MUST Honor That Refund
- We Are Located At ::Gamble World 1
- We Will NEVER Ask For Odd's In Host Favor If We Are Asked To FP (But Also Do Not Have To Take FP's If Host Doesn't Want To)
- If You Purchase A Rank, You Have Until The End Of That Day At Midnight (Server Time) To Get A Rank Refund (ANything After That There Is No Refund For Ranks Purchased)
Rank Prices:
- Recruit: *THE ONLY RANK THAT MAY BE PURCHASED UNLESS KNOWN IN COMMUNITY FOR TRUSTWORTHINESS* 50M (May Also Be Given Free As A Trial Rank If You Have Outstanding Rep In Community/Gamble Scene)
- Corporal+: Earned Via Activeness/Being Legit n' Respectful/Helping Out With CC Events (Drop Partys/Giveaways Etc).
Discord: https://discord.gg/gEZqBHK


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