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Lost DWH @ TOB


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I wanted to try out tob on this server for the first time with 2 friends.

Before entering the Maiden of Sugadinti, I shift dropped a brew. I then tried equipping my dwh, but it still registered as a shift click, therefor dropping my dwh, while i already clicked on the portal entrance.

Since it was our first time on this server (only did tob on Ikov before), we were surprised by the blood spawns, and this together with the blood spots, made my 2 friends die.

Because I knew I was not able to finish the room by myself, I suicided. But then when I tried to get items out of my bank it did not gave me back my dwh. 

I dont know how this should be on osrs, and therefor wether it's a bug report or not. But I really do hope you can help me out in this situation, give the dwh back or do a 10 minute rollback on my account?


Text pictures right after entering the Maiden:




Text pictures after trying to recover out of chest:






Kind regards, 



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Hello there @Zocko

Sadly, the loss of the Dragon Warhammer was not due to the result of any bug or server glitch.


To add to this accordingly, you stated the Dragon Warhammer was dropped, and as the official OS wiki states: All items left on the ground will be lost, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their status.








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