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how to 100% fix the Eco

head hunter

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make all the donor scrolls untradeable,
Give more perks for donators, and maybe drop rate potential depending what rank you are.
this way people wont donate and go to duel arena to just lose their bank and quit.
and the eco's would have a hard time to collect and hoard the donor scrolls which they control the market with. Just a tought, peace!
dont have any items in store thats tradeable for donators, only perks.

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I agree that prices seem to get controlled by obviously rich gamblers. Which stems from people donating from donator scrolls for quick cash.

Do I think making them untradeable is the best way? No I don't.

Truthfully I think the problem is cash for new players seems quite hard to obtain. There needs to be some incentives that are easy for new players.

For example I would like to see Wildy Keys implemented that give a guaranteed cash per key, this will give new players a way to make some decent starter cash.

Voting, truthfully voting is garbage, not much point in donating really so would love to see it revamped, I think a nice X2 Xp book for 15mins/30mins for 2 vote points would be a nice addition and give new players a reason to vote and for people to buy them.

Just my thinking... eco is still fairly new.  

⚒️Beta Tester⚒️

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i belive your suggestion will make the server's owners lose too much money they will never risk that. they bascially make living off ppl that donate & stake. and btw these people dont quit when they lose they just donate more lol

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Making donator scrolls untradeble creates an even more 'pay to win' feeling.

Currently, if you play the game, pvm, etc..., you can get donator benefits without having to donate yourself.

If people wish to donate, they deserve a head start, but locking certain content behind real donations isn't something positive, especially not for a private server.

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We definitely need to give the eco a little more time to level out, this is a very new server and lots of GP has already been removed from the game. 100% agree with Bullfrog’s reply - making scrolls untradeable creates more of a pay to win feel so no support

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