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how do you run the client from your files?


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Han solo kindly responded to your needs! But to add further to your answer, using the Zaros Java launcher requires you to have Java downloaded.

If you would prefer to use the .Exe version to launch Zaros, and have it work similar to the OldSchool, you can follow these steps:

Find out if your operating system is 64bit or 32bit
(Presuming you are using window 10) Right click the Window logo and select "System"


Then it will show your if you are using 64bit or 32bit


Then you download the one that suits your system best:
64bit Download

32bit Download

Once downloaded, Follow the system setup and save the Zaros Launcher shortcut to your desktop, and then you can also pin it to your task bar:



If you are using a mac, you can download the mac version Here.

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