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Hi Mod or admin the owner i am suggesting some improvements for the community hence i am writing these suggestions or recommendations i highly think it will be a beneficial factor to the server community also the experience for everyone playing zaros. Some of the suggestions made are from myself and also the community i hope you guys take this into account.


1. Buff realists to 10% drop rate

2.Thieving needs a boost low coins being made per hour.

3. Mithril seeds need lowering the price 100k per seed is alot.

4.There should be reward for doing agility course for example agility tickets so every run you get rewarded a agility token which can be sellable.

5. voting system there should be more than 2 sites and also higher the price of the voting ticket.

6. This is a important one The market  there should be more than 5 slots available for a player to upload their items it could be unlimited.  currently its limited to 5.

7. the ability to revert from any mode back to regular mode.

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i could accept the drop rate moved to 10% for realist. 

i could accept slayer points moved up, now that the server does not have as many new players as before it is much harder to get people to play pest control, if we did not raise the point ratio could we consider atleast making it to where a player could solo it and earn void on there own?  

i do not agree with changing mithril seed prices from 100k because in any gambling world you have hosts and people who want to gamble. if everybody could afford to gamble and buy the seeds it would ruin gambling.


i would not mind more vote tickets, but they can not do much about prices us as players made the economy. 


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