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Hello, just some suggestions about cox, i seriously think you guys should fix the dc in a raid, if you dc you should logg back in to the start of the level or something, seriously over getting to olm and dcing and have to restart, and can you please fix the venom speed on shamans? its legit way to fast you cannot dodge them at all. 

kreee'arra, i suggest you guys can fix the melee style from kree, stop it from combo meleeing you cause you dont have agro. would really help doing solo's.


thanks really hope these suggestions get looked at or fix. most people would really appreciate these three things. thanks zkp

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+1 As long as 1 member is in raid, logging / dcing should not remove that person from the raid. Its common for alts to log to get to 2nd floor so they dont have to run from beggining.

Also the prayer orbs in 07 take longer before they hit you. They hit slightly too fast here. As if the orbs speed up as they come at you. 

+1 to kree as well

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