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Some suggestions


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You should be able to exchange your voting tokens for 300k coins (So we get slightly more coins into the game)

Revs cave should be changed to single like OSRS & make them drop x2 more coins than they currently are, statuettes should be x2 current value & make them 10-20% more common in order to get more coins into the game from taking a risk by going to the wilderness + also increase wilderness activity that isn't only multi. This will give solo pkers / small groups with skill a chance to fight clans that have many people instead of letting 1-3 clans control a certain area.

Wilderness caskets should give x2 more money than they currently do & maybe add 10-20 more slayer points per task on top of this.

Larran's chest should have a nice boost with possibility of receiving 500k/1m/2m/3m coins

Not sure what people will think about this idea but in my opinion to also increase wilderness activity & maybe a small boost for corp you could make it so that if you teleport to graveyard in the wilderness and run to corp cave you will actually be in a corp cave that is NOT safe but here you would have 10-20% boosted drop rate for a sigil + pet. If this cave will be multi or single for pkers this is for you to decide but just an idea to throw out there. If you decide to corp in this cave you'll have a risk of being pked but the reward is boosted drop rate for a sigil.

We also need to realize that there are coming items into the game 24/7 that aren't removed so if anybody has any ideas how we could get rid of items please comment below.

I have something but I'm not sure how good it is but perhaps someone smarter than me will get an idea from this:

Since the server has different in-game titles perhaps you could for example exchange a bandos set to a NPC to get some sort of "Bandos" title and the same thing with other type of items / sets.

I understand that there probably won't be many people doing this but those ones that do it will help to get rid of some items from the game & also unlock unique title in-game. 

Maybe it could also be an achievement to sacrifice between 1-10 different items once? You could also wonder why would anybody care about achievements in general? Perhaps if you've completed certain amount of % of achievements those accounts could receive 20%/30%/50% more coins per wilderness & slayer casket? Maybe other rewards as well.

It's just an idea or more of an example but something else / similar could possibly be used to get rid of items, thoughts?


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Just curious, as I’m an Ironman so I don’t know much about the economy in game right now, but why would you want more coins injected into the game? The voting idea alone would easily inject 150M+ into the game everyday (this is assuming only 500 players vote once a day and exchange their tokens for cash.) In my personal experience more coin influx is never good for an economy as it heavily increases the price of items due to there being way more coins compared to items, which could be a massive turn off for newer players. I could be ignorant and missing something in this equation so if you believe I am, please enlighten me 

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I like some of the ideas of items being removed for titles etc, but there should definitly not be any more cash injected into the economy. If anything there should be some small gold sinks.

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