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"The Open House of Zaros RSPS" 24/7 POH Services CC: (Open house)

Open House

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Don't have the patience or resources to max out your house? NO WORRIES! we've got you covered! Just Click on that Cheeky little Blue House and Tap on that Join button. We have EVERYTHING that Zaros Rsps Construction provides. Need to get rid of that venom and replenish your stats and special? "Open House"  Has your back. Go drink from our refreshing Ornate Pool. Need to work on that Prayer grind?  go sacrifice your bones on our Gilded Altar. Need to fix that damage equipment, No worries We've got a Repair station you can beat the hell out of your armor on. Did someone just PJ you off your boss in the wilderness? No sweat, Gear up, Sip our ornate pool and Teleport to that Mofo with our Obelisk and get your revenge. Just starting out or have a gambling addiction? Well, We cant help you with your addiction But we can help you rebuild with our Two types of Lecterns. whether its Tele Tabs or Enchantments, "Open House" is your first stop, back to the TOP.

Disclaimer: Burners will not be lit upon entry, every player must light the burners for them selves to get the full bonus exp.  Some items are still buggy and not complete so I made / upgraded as much as Zaros rsps would let me.  This Service is a privileging , if you are caught exploiting, scamming, luring or breaking any rules set in place by the Owner you will be kicked/ ban from using our Public House. Giving Tips is not required but is welcome and very appreciated, I put a lot of money into this house for all of Zaros so if you enjoy it , feel free to show your gratitude .

COME ON IN! and Enjoy your stay!

IGN: Open House

CC: Open House


Currently hosting in world 1!

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