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Lost untradables Guide for 20+ Wilderness

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Skull (status) icon.png Untradeable Guide for wilderness deaths Skull (status) icon.png

This guide is to show which untradeable items are safe/unsafe above 20+ wilderness and which ones are not

*will be updated regularly*


Skull (status) icon.png Items lost above 20+ wilderness Skull (status) icon.png

Fire cape.png Fire cape

Infernal cape.png Infernal cape

Ava's assembler.png Ava's assembler 

Imbued guthix cape.png Imbued guthix cape

Imbued saradomin cape.png Imbued saradomin cape

Imbued zamorak cape.png Imbued Zamorak cape

Fire max cape.png Fire max cape

Infernal max cape.png Infernal max cape

Assembler max cape.png Assembler max cape

Imbued guthix max cape.pngImbued guthix max cape

Imbued saradomin max cape.png Imbued saradomin max cape

Imbued zamorak max cape.png Imbued Zamorak max cape

Bronze defender.png Bronze defender

Iron defender.png  Iron defender

Steel defender.png  Steel defender

Black defender.png  Black defender

Mithril defender.png Mithril defender

Adamant defender.png Adamant defender

Rune defender.png Rune defender

Dragon defender.png Dragon defender 

Void melee helm.png Void melee helm

Void mage helm.png Void mage helm

Void ranger helm.png Void ranger helm

Void knight top.png Void knight top

Void knight robe.png Void knight bottom

Elite void top.png Elite void top

Elite void robe.png Elite void bottom

Void knight gloves.png Void knight gloves

Fighter hat.png Fighter hat

Ranger hat.png Ranger hat

Healer hat.png Healer hat

Fighter torso.png Fighter torso

Penance skirt.png Penance skirt

Slayer helmet (i).png Slayer helm

Arclight.png Arclight



Skull (status) icon.png KEEP IN MIND Skull (status) icon.png


 Trouver parchment.png Trouver parchment

Can be added to your untradables to keep them above 20+ wilderness and will allow one death

you have to use the item on "perdu" and pay coins along with the parchment to make it have (i)

upon death you will have to reinsure your item's



Skull (status) icon.png items kept above 20+ wilderness Skull (status) icon.png

Slayer helmet.png Slayer helm (i)

Barrows gloves.png Barrows gloves

Rada's blessing 4.png Rada's blessing 4

Ivandis flail.png Ivandis flail

Blisterwood flail.png Blisterwood flail

Grand seed pod.png Seed pod

Ring of wealth (i).png Ring of wealth (i)



If anyone has anything to add comment below and i will accordingly update

i hope this will be helpful ?



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2 minutes ago, FTWImCody said:

Rogue's Skilling Outfit is kept @ 20+ Wilderness ? Very nice guide...will refer a lot of people to this for help!

Will add that as well! but ill make a different section for outfits and other things  ? and  Thanks mate!


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Yes, If unsure please be sure to check your lost on death tab located in your equipment tab
by checking the boxes to the right of the new window you can see what you'll keep under certain conditions.

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