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Sverige K3

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Discord username - Giggeri#7407

Any experience? i actually do have some kind of experience, but im not very used to it at all. Tbh when it comes to beta testing I've tried to help and see if there are any bug.

Knowledgeable? I wouldnt say im very very knowledgeable but i have an expearience that is a passion when it comes to runescape, which in that case means that i know what im doing if that is the right word.

Runescape name and total - I have to accounts 1 named Giggeri (i think) with 800 total and second one named OBgoesrs with 500 total

I think with more people more reports and i will try my best when it comes to bugs.

I only play a few hours per day or can play longer if i want, but i am also with my girlfriend, so hopefully few hours.

And now when beta testing is almost over i think i can spend too much time on it tbh. but yea i hope i can join and see you around if not! :)

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