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cant login to my account


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Hi, i can't log in to my account anymore, the client just hangs on loading and when i am logged in on my alt and look at my friends list i can see my main account log in for like 1 second and then log out immediately.
My main accounts name is BasedCringe

I was in fight caves with jad and logged out while a jad attack was flying towards me, and this happened
I messaged a mod about it and Leaned said he might have to reach out to a dev, but im not sure of the status of that so i thought i should open up a ticket about it

I've tried turning off GPU plugin, turning on GPU plugin, tried logging into different worlds, tried using the jar launcher, the windows launcher, tried restarting my computer, a mod tried to jail and unjail me, so i'm not sure where to go from here

Any help would be greatly appreciated, my main account is maxed and i would really like to play on it

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