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'Item Database Search' in-game


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I realise that in-game we currently have "Drop Table Viewer" located within the 'Misc' section of Statistics allowing us to look at specific NPC drops. 

I am suggesting that in addition  to this, an "Item Database Search" could be added - allowing for players to search for a specific item, with search results indicating which NPC's that drop said item.

Eg. For the search of "Archer helm", results will show 'Dagannoth Supreme', or items that multiple NPC's drop such as "Black Dragonhide" will display all npc's where this drop can be found in a listed format. From here, Zaros coders can either display search results as:

1)       NPCNAME / Combat Level / *Named drop* Rarity (using data from current drop table viewer). Cannot be further expanded upon.


2)       NPCNAME / Combat Level / *Named Drop Rarity as above* - May click search result in order to view the NPC drop table from the current 'drop table viewer'.



 Whilst this may not be hugely useful for many regular players, I believe it will be a hugely valuable tool to be used by Ironman players - and remove a great deal of guesswork.

If anybody has any further suggestions relating to this, drop a comment below and I'm happy to adapt.






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1 hour ago, Setup said:

I think this was suppose to be apart of the Drop Table Viewer, however I don't know if it was ever added. It would be a very nice feature anyway.

Support 🙂

I had a look; Couldn't see any way of further defining what I was searching for! Thought it'd definitely be helpful though, thanks Setup 👍

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12 hours ago, November said:

Yep, it's been ingame for a while 😄 

May be ingame, but it isn't working from what I can see; searching for "Grimy irit leaf" or "dragon med helm" gives 'No Results Found' and leaves you on the npc drop table that you'd initially looked at 🙂

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