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Flower Poker Tournament Sign-ups 1/30


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Hello and welcome to this weekend's Flower Poker Tournament! This event will be the second event on Saturday, starting at 19:00 server time.  In this event, all participants will compete in a bracket-based tournament.

For this event, we require you to sign up here by replying to this thread with your in-game username that you will be competing on.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED, SIGNUPS WILL BE CLOSED AT 17:00 SERVER TIME SATURDAY, 2 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS.  All you need to do is be online and PM a Mod+ on world 1 when the broadcast is announced ingame that tells you to do so to get teleported to the event location.

The seeds will not be supplied by the staff team, you will need to bring your own seeds to take part in the event.  You can purchase them from the Gambler NPC at Caste Wars.

For this event, once participants have signed up and sign ups are closed, players will be split into multiple brackets, dependent on the number of staff hosts.  Each of these brackets will be run by staff members in different locations.  These brackets will play out to the top 3, at which point the top 3 of each bracket will be seeded into "The Finals" to compete for prices.  The top 3 winners of the individual brackets do not necessarily receive prizes, only the top 3 winners in the finals.

How It Works:
Two players will be called upon to face off, where they will have to both plant a row of 5 flowers with their mithril seeds.  The player with the better hand will win, and move on in the bracket.  If you lose, you are eliminated from the tournament.

Best Hands (from top to bottom):
5 of a kind
4 of a kind
3 of a kind
2 pairs
1 pair

1) Bring your own mithril seeds to this tournament.
2) If you try to cheat, you will be disqualified.
3) If you are trolling at the event (planting on others plants, dancing/walking on plants, etc.) you will be moved home and disqualified.
4) Black or white flowers = both players replant.

As with the above, all server rules still apply.

Side Note: The staff team will be getting several PM's during this time, so please be patient with us and refrain from spamming.


1st - 300 Donator Tokens + 1 Mystery Box
2nd - 200 Donator Tokens
3rd - 100 Donator Tokens

Thanks for reading and good luck to everybody to takes part in the event!
The Events Team.

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