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Store Option: Display Name Change


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I would like to see this option in the ::store even if it has a limited purchase of one, two or three times. I know it can get confusing if people constantly change their names, so I'd totally support the limit, but just give us that opportunity to change it if it's technically possible and not too much of a hassle on the developer's end. Sometimes you get tired of a name after playing a server for months and months or even years and you want to have a fresh name without reversing all of the progress you did on the account and also losing your donator status to do it. This allows us to keep the account we worked hard for, the donator status we paid for, and have a new name should we want to get one. Best of all, it supports the server's development when you slap a price-tag on it. 

I think it would be a neat thing to have, but let's see how you guys feel about it. ?



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