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🛡️ Irons Clan | Helpful | Active | Friendly | Unique ranking system | 🛡️

Irons Clan

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🛡️ Our Unique Ranking System 🛡️


🛡️ Meet all our Ranked clan members 🛡️
Request your rank via discord #rank-requests or by replying to this thread.
Please be sure to post client-sized screenshots as proof.

General clan rank.png General | Administrator

General clan rank.png General | Senior Moderator

Captain clan rank.png Captain | Events Manager

Captain clan rank.png Captain | Moderator
Poison, Leaned, Sinning, 2 Lieutenant

Lieutenant clan rank.png Lieutenant
Illumi, Zdrf

Sergeant clan rank.png Sergeant
Hollowman, November, Fat Ass, Rustafied, Jenny Tulls, Ironvitut, Iron Woman,
Fat ass, Iron Dab, Redbull, Numbuh Five

Corporal clan rank.png Corporal
Wtf Dennis, XAU, Saeldor, St Mule, Yey, Raw Rectum, Solar, Kami

Recruit clan rank.png Recruit
Voya, Bloz, Trivago, SatanicGoat, Lummy, St Starlin, Departed, L i n k, Dirt, B Z Q, Nkj, Iron Specs,
Fe ZQ, GIM Vote, QUAVOHUNCHO, Kassi, Vamperous, Tyler, CLPbtw, GIM KHALIL, Iron Fergle,
Malta, Elite OCE, 0-1, Whoaz, Abigail, Hounds, Rmtank, Groot, Ku-tul, Defuq, Disc0p0g0,
HCIM Mas, USAFDefender, GIM Teak, GIM Dark, Unluckydrops, Iron Dragon, Rsk

🛡️ Our Discord Server |  Events, Giveaways, Livestreams, Music & more 🛡️




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  • Irons Clan changed the title to 🛡️ Irons Clan | Helpful | Active | Friendly | Unique ranking system | 🛡️

This is one of the best communities I have been apart of, you're accepted into the clan without a rank and have the ability to earn a status.

Multiple events hosted by the events team in the clan and always supporting their members.

Zalcano, Raids, Lms, Wilderness Activities and much more, join now to unite with us.

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