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11th December Zaros  released this on the "Home-page":

We have been working so hard on fixing all the bugs you guys find, having 3000 real players online really tests every line of your code and we have spent a lot of time working on stability. All the developers have different jobs however the person who does the engine changes is also the developer who handles the website, so unfortunately voting and hiscores have taken a backseat while the server stability was being worked on but we are expecting to push both out very shortly!


I have not found more information related to hiscores. The latest news & updates (08.01.2021) did not mention anything about this.

Player named "Biology" creating a topic concerned about this.

The topic was closed.


The Hiscore are barely useable. I'm sure the staff team are aware of this already. I'm just asking out how far away are we from a fully functionall hiscore? 🙂


kindest regards


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