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File could harm my computer?


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4 hours ago, johnnyred said:

I went to download on my pc aswell as my phone and it keeps popping up as a "dangerous file" and may "harm my computer"

Am I pressing the wrong link to download the game

You're not pressing the wrong thing no, matter of fact every computer picks it up as 'non-safe' - my 2020 Alienware PC that I in fact run this server on myself does the same thing and so on with any other Java based client I go to download. It doesn't mean it's a threat or it's going to hack your information, it's your browser as @Deran has stated it doesn't register them as a known Developer so it comes up with that message stating to "Close or Run it anyway" you want to hit "Run Program anyway" that'll make the computer boot up the client and start doing what it's suppose to do.


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