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I didnt plan on doing any of this. But I tried to login during an update?. Take that as you will.


You can possibly find me around the serving asking very obvious questions from time to time but I'm only still learning these treacherous Ironman ways. Atm going for maxed ironman as I start on hard difficulty usually, and never above for a first go around. 

I didn't really seeing myself getting too far on this server as I'm currently Mobile only, and RNG has seriously been against me so far, but during my grind for a runite limb I got a Draconic Visage on my 16 KC of Iron Dragons. And my small journey then turned into Smithing nonstop for awhile cx

I didnt see my journey going too far until a small treasure fell to my feet and my dedication ignited.

I am " I R O N" normally on W1. And currently at home on Zaros.

The server is amazing. That goes for everything that's currently properly coded and functioning. To the Devs, and the entire staff team. You're doing a great job.

May RNG be on your side for reading(;

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