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Larran Key Guide


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What Is a 'larrans key'

Larran's key is a key that is obtained whilst being on a wilderness slayer task obtained from Krystilia.

The rate of receiving a key is varied by the task you have, the higher the combat level the more common of a chance you have of receiving a key.

The odds are around 1/100 from monsters over level 81.

There are two types of chests you can open, one being in the highest level of the wilderness 'Level 55'

Larran's Small chest.

Larran's big chest.png


Located in aprox 28 wildy larran's small chest offer's less loot than the big chest as it is a safer alternative.

Players would teleport to Rev cave 19 Wildy 'Player vs Player Teleports'


Starting Here run to larran's chest ensuring you have a glory for a quick teleport out.


Noteable drops include skilling supplies 

150-250 Cannon Balls

25-60 Cooked Karambwan

80 Dragon Dart tips

80-120 Magic Logs

1-2 Magic Seeds

5-10 Palm Seeds

3-5K Pure Essence

2-4 Ranarr Seed

50-100 Raw Anglers

10-20 Rune Ore

10-25 Brews

1 Slayer Skip

3 Snapdragon Seedd

60-120 Steel Bar

3 Torstol

250-450 Coal


100-220 Dragon Arrowtips

150-250 Raw Monkfish

100-150 Raw Shark

200-300 Raw Swordfish

25-60 Uncut Diamonds

25-60 Uncut Rubies.




Larran's Big Chest

Located in 55 wilderness players can get to the chest by running west of ::mb lever.

Be careful for pkers as this is a pk hotspot.

Noteable drops.

unknown.pngLarran's big chest location.png

Some other noted drops follow

80-200 dragon dart tips.

1-2 magic seeds

5-10 palm seeds

150 raw anglerfish

1-3 slayer skips

75-110 diamonds (Uncut)

80-110 rubies. (Uncut)





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22 minutes ago, FTWImCody said:

Nice guide 😄

Thank you, I was asked yesterday where to open them, I couldn't really give in in-depth answer over a message so I decided to make a guide!

Hopefully this will answer a lot of questions 😛

Feel free to ask for a guide creation

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