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Barnacle Boy

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Hello I am 'Branacle Boy' I am a group ironman. I am a pretty recent player but I do really enjoy the game, which is why I donated $25. But recently I find myself very much so enjoying UIM, I was hoping maybe there is anyway I could have my donation status switched between my accounts? From my group Iron -'Barnacle Boy' to my UIM-'1337 420 69' I do not wish to have tokens if it is transfered. I just wish for my donator status to be switched over. Is this something that you guys do? I know it can be done but I do not know if it is done here. I don't usually donate for servers especially when I've only been playing them for a week, however I do really enjoy this server. (as far as it goes what I spent my tokens on 'Barnacle Boy' it was full elite void, which you could totally remove and not give me tokens on '1337 420 69' infact that is what I'm asking for.) thank you for considering my request.

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