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wildy events

mr big dick

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more wildy events like hp events and buff revs so that more people will go to revs quited zaros 1month ago and the player count drop so much lol

people come to rsps to pk mostly who tf wanna grind on a rsps just look at zaros player count l0l

devs really need to  listen zaros can be both a iron man server with lots of pkers no cap what a waste of potential

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No support.

Devs already added various ways of making money inside the wildy. For example the wilderness keys and stuff like the chest, blood money, which in my opinion already are overpowered money makers aside from revs.

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eh I love pvm and cba wasting time on os after 15+ years off/on that trash but I do agree there needs to be more incentive for pking on here not sure what could be done but if all the wildy mans came together I'm sure y'all could come up with ideas


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