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Boxing Tournament Sign-ups 02/26


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Hello everyone,


Welcome to this weekend's Boxing Tournament! This event will be the first event on Friday, starting at 19:00 server time. In this event, players will fight to the death with their bare hands in a bracket based tournament.

You are required to sign-up for this event by replying to this thread with the in-game username that you will be participating with. Sign-ups will close on Friday at 18:30 server time - 30 minutes before the event starts. We will NOT accept ANY late sign-ups.

Please be online and ready in World 1 at ::Duel a few minutes before the event starts. We will be starting promptly at 19:00 sever time - if you are not ready when your name is called you will automatically be disqualified from the event and your opponent will proceed to the next round.



Players will be randomly assigned opponents in a bracket style tournament where they will fight to the death with their bare hands & feet. 

Players are not allowed to use weapons, armour, food, drinks, or prayer.




Players & their opponents will be teleported by a Moderator when it is their turn to fight.

Another member of the Event Team will then watch the duel to ensure that no one is cheating. 

A Member of ::Staff is REQUIRED to watch your fight - all other fights will not count in this Tournament. 





If defeated, like @Bullfrog, you are eliminated from the Tournament.

If you are Victorious, you will proceed to the next round of your bracket.

The final player in each bracket will then proceed to the bracket finale. 

The Top 3 players in the Bracket Finale are rewarded.



1st - 300 Donator Tokens + 1 Mystery Box
2nd - 200 Donator Tokens
3rd - 100 Donator Tokens


Thanks for reading and good luck to everybody who takes part in the event!

Regards, The Zaros Events Team

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