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Wilderness Revamp


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We need an integrity and QoL update to combat griefing and to make the wilderness more attractive.

Hardly anyone ventures into the wilderness; the risk vs reward just isn't worth it.

We've lost all the PvP Clans and hundreds of players.

The same group of people are receiving every ancient casket & galvek kill - with no competition.

Players are farming blood money and kill streaks by instantly teleporting to skillers and pvmers when they enter the wilderness. 

It's a mess. To say the least.


We've recently had a few updates attempting to mitigate these issues, but ultimately, nothing has changed.


So, I decided to try and help the situation by asking the RSPS community for their input.


I spent hours upon hours speaking with multiple clans and discords, discussing ideas with pkers, skillers, ironmen and staff members - exploring what a potentially "ideal" wilderness would consist of.

I know nothing is perfect, but this thread is what we've come up with as a community.


Wilderness Announcements

Update the wilderness announcements & move them to above the chat box.



Ancient Casket Announcements:

“An Ancient Casket will spawn in (time) minutes in (world).”

“An Ancient Casket has spawned in (world) at (level) in the Wilderness.”

“(Name) is holding the Ancient Casket in (world) at (level) in the Wilderness!” (level adjusts in live time based on player movement)

“(Name) has successfully escaped the Wilderness with the Ancient Casket!”

Wilderness Boss Announcements:

“A Wilderness Boss will spawn in (time) minutes in (world).”

“A Wilderness Boss has spawned in (world) at (level) in the Wilderness.”

“The Wilderness Boss has been slain by (Top 1, 2, 3, damagers)!”



Bounty Hunter

Rework targeting with a percentage based system.



When killing a target your target % is reduced to 0.

When skipping a target your target % is reduced to 0.

Your target % is increased every 5 minutes based on your risk and location in the wilderness.

Your target % is increased when you kill an npc in the wilderness (level dependent).

Hotspots for increasing target %: Edgeville, Magebank, Wests, Easts

At 0% you can not get a new target.

At 100% you are guaranteed to get a target (if one is available).


Rework the rewards for Bounty kills.



When killing your target in an official or unofficial hotspot area you are guaranteed to upgrade your antique emblem.

Add a % chance at receiving a piece of ancient warrior equipment when killing your target.

If you kill your target in a hotspot, the % chance of receiving a piece of ancient warrior equipment is increased.

If you kill your target in the official hotspot (shown in quest tab), your receive triple blood money.

If you kill your target in the unofficial hotspots (Edgeville, Magebank, Wests, Easts) your blood money is doubled.



Wilderness Leaderboard 

Add a Leaderboard at home for Daily, Weekly, Monthly & All Time in the following categories:



Top 10 Total Kills

Top 10 Killstreak Shutdowns

Top 10 Experience gained in the Wilderness (skilling)

Top 10 Total Wilderness Slayer Tasks Completed

Top 10 Bounty Hunter Target Kills

Top 10 PVM Loot (high alch value)

Top 10 Galvek/WildyWyrm Kills

Top 10 Ancient Casket Captures


Each Week the Top 3 players in each category are reward with Ancient Caskets and/or Blood Money.


Wilderness Key Loot for Ironmen


Blood Money 

Make blood money untradeable.

(Due to being an Ironman Idk what a good re-work of the regular shop would be)

Add an Ironman Blood Money Shop:



Coin Box

Skilling Supply Crate (cc. Wildy Wyrm Drop Table)

Ancient Effigy (XP Lamp)

Dragon Defender

Fire Cape

Infernal Cape

Elite Void Pieces

Bounty Hunter Teleport Scroll

Rune Pouch

Looting Bag

Ring of Wealth Imbuement Scroll

Magic Shortbow Imbuement Scroll

Ancient Mace

Seed Pod

Clue Scroll Box

Granite Clamp

Ornate Maul Handle

Ring Imbuements

Cosmetics & Upgrade Kits

Prestige Reward Hats

Crystal Mystery Box (Shards/Keys/Armour/Weapons)



Ancient Warrior Equipment

Make equipment degradable

Make equipment work in PvM - but degrade 2x as fast

Add Ancient Warrior Armours to Revenants + Bounty Hunter + Ancient Caskets

Remove ALL Ancient Warrior drops from Galvek/Wildy Wyrm


Wilderness Bosses

Add Wildy-Wyrm and rotate spawns with Galvek

Re-work Galvek & Wildy-Wyrm drop tables:

Galvek: PvM & PvP Focused



Top 10 Damagers get 3 additional rolls on the drop table.

Top 3 Damagers get 5 additional rolls on the drop table.


ALWAYS (Top 10):

100 x Blood Money OR 1M Coins

5x Superior Bones



250 x Blood Money OR 2.5M Coins

10 x Superior Bones








Manta Rays

Dark Crabs

Angler Fish






Prayer Potions

Saradomin Brews

Super Restores

Sanfew Serums

Super Antifire Potions

Super Energy Potions

Super Combat Potions






Death Runes

Blood Runes

Soul Runes

Wrath Runes






Dragon Arrows

Dragon Bolts

Dragon Javelins

Dragon Darts

Dragon Thrownaxes

Dragon Knives



Armour & Weapons:



Dagon’Hai Robe Top

Dagon’Hai Robe Bottoms

Dagon’Hai Hat

Dragon Platelegs

Dragon Plateskirt

Dragon Med Helm

Dragon Spear

Dragon 2H Sword







Blood Money



Rare Drop Table:



Draconic Visage

Abyssal Whip

Dark Bow

Staff of Light

Amulet of Fury

Regen Bracelet

Dragon Claws

Ancient Effigy (XP Lamp)

Pet Galvek



Wildy-Wyrm: Skilling Focused 



Top 10 Damagers get 3 additional rolls on the drop table.

Top 3 Damagers get 5 additional rolls on the drop table.


ALWAYS (Top 10):

100 x Blood Money OR 1M Coins

5x Superior Bones



250 x Blood Money OR 2.5M Coins

10 x Superior Bones







Gold Ores

Mithril Ores

Adamant Ores

Runite Ores






Steel Bars

Mithril Bars

Adamant Bars

Runite Bars



Raw Food:



Raw Karambwans

Raw Sharks

Raw Manta Rays

Raw Dark Crabs

Raw Angler Fish



Logs & Planks:



Teak Planks

Mahogany Planks

Yew Logs

Magic Logs

Redwood Logs



Herbs & Seeds:



Papaya Seeds

Palm Tree Seeds

Dragonfruit Tree Seeds

Yew Seeds

Magic Seeds

Celastrus Seeds

Redwood Seeds

Sprit Seeds




Ranarr Herbs or Seeds

Toadflax Herbs or Seeds

Irit Herbs or Seeds

Avantoe Herbs or Seeds

Kuwarm Herbs or Seeds

Snapdragon Herbs or Seeds

Cadantine Herbs or Seeds

Lantadyme Herbs or Seeds

Dwarf Weed Herbs or Seeds

Torstol Herbs or Seeds






Uncut Rubys

Uncut Diamonds

Uncut Dragonstones






Dragonstone Bolt Tips

Onyx Bolt Tips

Dragon Arrowheads

Dragon Bolts (unf)

Dragon Dart Tips

Dragon Javelin Heads






Baby Dragonbones


Superior Dragonbones






Black Dragonhide



Blood Money



Rare Drop Table: 



Skilling Supply Crate

Uncut Onyx

Dragon Pickaxe

Dragon Hatchet

Dragon Harpoon

Ancient Effigy (XP Lamp)

Pet Wildy Wyrm



When attacking Wildy-Wyrm or Galvek you are automatically *High Risk Skulled* (lose all items on death)

Add more spawn locations (Singles + Multi)

In singles locations, the boss is "Multi" but PvP is single combat.


Shooting Stars & Evil Trees

Spawn once every 3-4 hours on rotation (multi + singles locations).

First person to mine the star or nurture the tree get a large xp drop.

Best mining, farming (nurturing), woodcutting and fire making experience in-game.

Highest chance at Mining, Woodcutting & Farming pets in-game.

Chance at dragon hatchet or pickaxe (possibly an adze?)

Meta for gems/ores/bars/logs/planks/herbs/seeds/bird nests.

Chance at Alien & Sprite pets.


Ancient Caskets

Update the wilderness announcements (displayed above).

Fix the arrow to point in the direction of the person with casket - regardless of your location in wildy.

Freeze the person grabbing the casket for 10 seconds.

Add more locations (for both multi + singles) - work with mods to find good spots.

Make the (level) of wilderness that the casket spawned in precise (after adding more locations).

Make run energy drain to 0 when picking up the casket.

Make run energy drain faster when holding the casket (increase the weight drastically).

Make the casket tradable, sellable to the trading post and bankable.

Allow Ironmen to pick up the casket if they kill the player currently holding it.


King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a PvP mini-game that takes place 2x per day.

1x in a single-combat and 1x in a multi-combat area.

Players, or Clans, fight against one another to compete for positioning on the leaderboard.

All kills in the specified area receive double blood money.

The Player (singles), or Clan (multi), with the most kills in the specified timeframe wins.

Prizes (paid to the Player or Clan Owner’s Bank):



1st place: 1 Ancient Casket + 300 Blood Money

2nd place: 200 Blood Money

3rd place: 100 Blood Money



Wilderness Mini-Tasks

Tasks are assigned by Death and are rewarded with Blood Money

PvP Task Example: Kill X Players while wearing (armour) / using (weapon) / being (combat style) etc.

PvM Task Example: Kill X Wilderness Bosses/Revenants etc.

Skilling Task Example: Chop/Mine/Smelt/Fish/Cook X etc.


HP Events

Hosted randomly by the 'Events' account (accessible by any Moderator on the Events Team)

The Moderator can pick the location (singles/multi)

Players can teleport to the Hp Event by typing ::hpevent (Dangerous Warning)

Announced above the Chat Box

The more damage you deal, the higher % chance you have to receive the loot

Winner receives an Ancient Casket + Blood Money



Buff loot from rogue castle chests + add blood shard as a rare drop

Make rogue outfit effect work on rogue castle chest

Make skilling outfits break on death but kept

Example: Full rogue fix cost = 5m - if ur killed u drop 5m coins.

Add 3-4 impling spawns with a higher % chance at being dragon/lucky

Add an Ancient Impling (99 hunter) that spawns 1-2x per day with similar loot table to ancient caskets

Add a % chance to receive blood money when skilling in the wilderness

Add a lava eel fishing spot at the lvl53 lava bridge northeast of 50s (double catches)

Add an angler fishing spot further northeast of lava bridge with double catches

Add a noter in the above area that requires X amount of Wilderness Achievements to use

Make the noter guy in resource area have the ability to un-note your notes

Add the ability to create combination runes at the Fountain of Rune (double the amount of normal RC)


General Suggestions

Add the ability to toggle right-click attack clan members.

Change BH Teleport Scrolls to work on a 1x basis (destroyed after use).

Keep ALL untradables on death (broken).

Reduce the prices to fix most untradables.

If killed in PvP you will drop the coins required to fix your broken untradables.

Add the ability to buy PvP pre-sets from Death (pure, zerker, main, hybrid, tribrid etc.).

Add an Automated Message to the Chat Box that tells you how many Players are in the Wilderness.

Add Blood Money and more PvP Supplies to Revenant Drops; Also add a few Revs scattered throughout the cave. This will give pkers a reason to roam throughout the slayer part of the dungeon (as currently its empty 90% of the time).

Add the chance for a Revenant to spawn as a 'Superior Revenant' that has increased health, damage, is immune to your Bracelet of Ethereum and has an advanced drop table.

Edit commands for ::Revs ::44s ::50s ::Gdz ::Graves and add a warning message that you can turn on/off at the Zaros Guide.

When checking the Wilderness Sign next to Death - it will tell you how many people are in the wilderness.


Wilderness Donator Benefits

Regular Donator



2.5% higher chance of spawning a superior revenant

5% discount fixing untradables

10% more blood money

1 free teleports to your BH target per day

Use a telescope in your POH to see the time & world of the next Ancient Casket


Super Donator



5% higher chance of spawning a superior revenant

10% discount fixing untradables

20% more blood money

Use a telescope in your POH to see the time & world of the next Wilderness Boss

::KBD direct teleport


Extreme Donator



7.5% higher chance of spawning a superior revenant

15% discount fixing untradables

30% more blood money

2 free teleports to your BH target per day

::Fountain of rune direct teleport

1 free ::WildyBoss teleport per day


Legendary Donator



10% higher chance of spawning a superior revenant

20% discount fixing untradables

40% more blood money

Teleport out of the wilderness up to Lvl30 without an imbued dragonstone


Uber Donator



12.5% higher chance of spawning a superior revenant

25% discount fixing untradables

50% more blood money

3 free teleports to your BH target per day

2 free ::WildyBoss teleports per day



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I love those ideas, that could really work. I've talked to a lot players about the wildy and market issues recently since it's a huge concern. Everyone has their ideas on what could give us that spark we need.. Slayex nailed it gathering all that information. Having PvP tournaments (not fixed tournaments) and leaderboards is really appealing to bring new players to the server.  

If we could find the sweet spot for PvP rewards to make it appealing to pull new players and keep them, it'll also solve our market issue. I 100% support this and any other ideas that'll revamp the wildy. It's sad being able to use wildy altar for hours without getting pk'ed by anyone 😞


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Definitely in support of this. It should be enough to get people who have never pked before into the wilderness to take that risk. I see absolutely no issues in this update, and may just revitalise a dead area.


100% in for this, and would love to see this in game. 😄

A slayer fanatic. Slayer isn't just a skill; it is a way of life.


Going for 200m slayer, so yes. I'm clinically insane.

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Fab Suggestions mate.

However it's one thing putting all those suggestions down but it's up to the owners/devs to actually implement this stuff because all I see is chatter and no action.

Great thread though

⚒️Beta Tester⚒️

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As a player which was heavily involved in both end-game pvm and wilderness pking with my clans back on Ikov I think there's certain things which this server needs adding and this is where these suggestions come into play, Slayex has done a great job of displaying exactly the kind of ideas we need to appeal to those to enter the wilderness once again, Ikov had sirenic which was BIS range, I'm not saying add stuff like that to the server but I also think that this is Zaros it will never be 1:1 oldschool and I don't think it should be either, I would 100% think about adding some custom content even know galvek and ancient caskets aren't even 1:1 oldschool I couldn't see why this couldn't be done, We need content for us PVMERS and PKERS to offer protection services, rival clans and much more in order to attract everyone to the wilderness to gain items that are crucial to building an end-game account.

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As much as this is needed, Zaros already lost its pking aspect, and it’s going to be damn near impossible to get them back. At this stage, Zaros is an inflated Economy server. Good suggestions though, it’s what it needs; but I personally don’t see it happening. 

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I like the ideas and fully support them, but tbh i find it hard to believe that this server going to be friendly to pkers even if this would be implemented into the game. After spending more then a week trying to pk here i realised that The pk community is non existent here.

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I think these are basics that should absolutely be added, the wilderness aspect of this server has been left on the back-burner to cater to the PVM aspect of the game, which is fine but there needs to be balance. Every server has hardcore pvmers and hardcore pvpers. There needs to be balance or the community will continue to lose more players as the days go on. I have played on another server that was strictly pvp based, but they had sense enough to know that you can’t have long lasting players with only pvp content, there also needed to be more pvm content which the added and the server has stayed consistent in terms of player count because of that. We need to implement that but the other way on here. There needs to be some sort of focus on pvp content. Anyways great post Slayex +1 I 100% agree

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i totally agree that the wilderness is dead content for anyone right now. I'm someone who doesn't pk at all and don't see any reason to even enter the wilderness atm besides maybe the chaos altar. 

I agree that the wilderness needs some additions to make it more active. I was thinking of buffing the rewards for wilderness slayer for example.

i think however that in the current state of the server, wilderness fixes should not be the top priority. The playercount has dropped drastically in the last months and the go-to excuses like "there's a pandemic" and "people just move on" are overused and just not true.

Players get bored because they are running out of content and because they aren't getting heard enough. Priority should be to keep the current players around. I've suggested stuff like development blogposts and content polls already. Keep your playerbase involved and stop making up excuses for you (the owners and developers) failing.

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This post is fantastic and very well made, but until you convince SOME of the developers/owners that they are just not right and don't know what is good for the server... there is no chance you will get anything back up and running.

When you suggest something it only gets added or considered if said devs/owners like it, not if its good for the game... but yeah the post is awesome brother but unfortunately something needs to change when it comes to the mindset I mentioned and others did aswell, until then it only goes downhill.

Ego too big to listen to the playerbase, or it might just be a pump and dump server, "people get bored" etc is a bunch of BS. 😶



Proud Co-Founder of the ice cc!

 KP / King Purple / Purple

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  • 2 weeks later...

I love this bro this will make this game so much more interesting me personally all I do is pk and knowing ill be rewarded so much will be good plus people will create so many cc's to get their names mentioned on yell( when u get casket) will be so good and fun to have will really bring pvp active again cuz this server is really good and a lot of potential  

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