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King of the Skill - $500 + NEW Cosmetic!


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Welcome to the first official King of the Skill event! During this 9 day event, players will race the clock to see how many levels they can rack up on a single account in a 12-hour playtime period with absolutely no help from players, donations, or free loot of any kind.  For the grand prize of this event we will be releasing the Black H'ween Mask - this mask will be unique to official server events with only about 4 releasing a year. 

Event Duration: Friday April 2nd 12:00 GMT until Sunday April 11th 23:59 GMT

Highest Total Level:
Black H'ween Mask + $250 in donation credit

2nd Highest Total Level:
$150 in donation credit

Most Experience:
$100 in donation credit


Rules, Features, and Content Specifications


Upon creating a new account and logging in for the first time, players will be able to choose a game mode option for "King of the Skill" (KOTS) apart from other game modes. The mode in itself is a direct copy of our normal Ironman Mode having the same features and experience rate as usual. Promptly after choosing the special KOTS mode, your in-game timer will start and you'll have 12-hours to earn the most levels and experience possible. After the full twelve hours of in-game time (not wall-clock time), your account will be permanently locked. Time warnings will be given throughout the duration of your time online to remind you of your impending account "ban". After the event has ended and winners are calculated, players will be able to login to their locked accounts to continue playing as regular ironmen.

All of the following content and features are disabled for KOTS participants:

  • Donating and donator rank benefits
  • Ability to purchase items from the online-store
  • Tears of Guthix
  • Autocomplete clues
  • Bonus exp books(from quests/voting)
  • Any server enabled event bonuses(raids, pet rate, bonus exp, bonus drop rate, clue bonus, etc)
  • Voting/the vote store


Other notes, tips, and disclaimers:

  • The highest total level wins. In the event two players with the same total level are considered for one of the prizes, the winner will be determined from total experience gained.
  • Players can create as many King of the Skill accounts as they wish throughout the duration of the event if they are not happy with results of a previous account.
  • One single person cannot claim both prizes for highest total level (if they made multiple accounts), however one single person may claim the prize for one of the total level placements AND the most experience prize.
  • All stats for accounts created for this game mode are viewable on our highscores page.


Zaros Administration 






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On 4/13/2021 at 10:26 PM, Konar said:

Kots winners
Highest Total Level: @Iron Gnars
Black H'ween Mask + $250 in donation credit

2nd Highest Total Level: @SRS
$150 in donation credit

Most Experience: @GIMjake
$100 in donation credit


Gz to all the winners and thank you for everyone who participated.

Smashed it fellas, good job. 

"By virtue of exchange, one man's prosperity is beneficial to all others." – Frédéric Bastiatilliassss.png


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