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Hierarchy of Staff Ranks



The owner.png Owners is the founder of Zaros. They will work alongside other developers to keep our website, forums and server up and running. 



developer.png Developers will work alongside with the Owner for providing new content into the game and handling bug reports.



admin.png Administrators are responsible to work alongside with Forum Moderators, Global Moderators, and Senior Moderators to help oversee the staff team. Their job is to handle promotions and demotions along with administrating the server. An addition to this role they are responsible for helping live support on taking donations.



ISZ5dvL.pngLive Supports are in charge of handling donations from the Zaros live chat located in Zaros Store. A Live Support will work alongside the Administrative Team on handling donations for 07 RSGP and Amazon E-Gift Cards. The time varies when a live support is available. Please be patient with us!


ISZ5dvL.pngEmail Supports are in charge of handling tickets from the ticket support. An Email Support will work alongside the Administrative Team handling issues relating to account: 2FA devices, Forgotten Password, Forgotten Bank Pin, and Account Hacked. After submitting a ticket it may take up to 24-48 hours for a response. Please be patient with us!



global_mod.png Global Moderator is also known as 'Junior Administrator' is considered the right-hand man of the Administrators, dealing with issues in their absence. These Moderators have been granted with obtaining the new role of a Forum Moderator along with more commands in-game. On rare occasions, Forum Moderators are promoted to Global Moderators who then, instead, obtain in-game responsibilities.



forum_mod.png Forum Moderators moderate the forums and make sure they are kept clean and tidy.



server_mod.png Senior Moderators are the foundation of Server Moderators who work alongside with Global Moderators to mentor the newly promoted and overseeing punishment logs, appeals, and reports. Although these moderators have the same responsibility as a Server Moderator they are focused on dealing with larger issues.



server_mod.png Server Moderators are former Server Supports who have a willingness to do more for Zaros. These Moderators are tasked with in-game responsibilities and moderating such as; issuing jails, mutes, bans, handling reports and appeals, and making sure that all rules are being enforced.



support.png Server Supports are active players who have extensive knowledge about our server. These supports work alongside with Moderators by helping players at their level best. While their job is so simple, a strong server support team makes a great difference for the server.



A staff member who chosen to resign has obtained Moderator rank or higher.




Community Ranks


r6EycB7.png Veteran



6LP7jh2.pngGFX Designers

6LP7jh2.pngGFX Designers are designers who have created work for the Server, Forums and/or Community.



7LDEt3v.pngYouTubers are players who have met the requirements and created a variety of content for our community.


donator.png Donator

Donators are players who generously donated a certain amount to keep our server running strong.

uber.pngUber Donator - legendary.pngLegendary Donator - extreme.pngExtreme Donator - super.pngSuper Donator - donator.pngDonator

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