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Slayer Casket Suggestion


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   Hi, I'm not sure how probable these changes would/could be but basically the suggestion would be a change to low to higher tier slayer caskets. This could potentially make slayer caskets a more exciting drop.

Suggestion 1
Name: Clue Casket - Easy Medium Hard Elite Master
Skill: Slayer
Type: Drop - New Casket for Easy - Hard slayer creatures.
Description: The name basically explains it but, the idea could be that at a very rare chance when fighting slayer creatures they can drop a special clue casket for it's relative slayer level
Ex. Ghosts on task could at a rare chance drop easy clue casket ; Hydras have a chance to drop master clue casket
Why?: This could be an exciting drop for slayer.... I mean we all love opening clue caskets
Problems that could come from this change: No real problems, the only problems that could exist is within the chance that these could be acquired as-in them not being a low enough chance making clue items not as rare but I don't see this as a major issue.

Suggestion 2
Name: Slayer Casket
Skill: Slayer
Type: Drop - Change to higher tier casket
Description: It could be cool that when opening slayer caskets from higher tier slayer creatures there could be a more rare chance at getting a unique item from said creature:
Ex. When opening a Slayer Casket from Abyssal Demons you have a chance to get abyssal dagger, whip or abyssal head.
Why?: This could add more excitement when getting these tasks. 
Problems that could come from this change: This could make drops not feel as special/nostalgic as in not seeing the drop on the ground.


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I won't commwnt on the slayer caskets since @Melchiorconfirmed they're getting tweaked next patch.

I don't really like the idea of adding even more clues to the game as I feel like you already get enough from drops/skilling. I also want to retain the "normal" grinds like killing guards for medium clues to obtain ranger boots.


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It'll be interesting to see what the changes are in the coming update to the current caskets.

However, your suggestion #1 sounds really good, as long as we're talking really rare, like 1/250 - 1/500, you get clues super common or atleast it feels like, i've got about 80 sat in bank and i can never be bothered to grind them out, having a chance to just get the reward casket as a drop while doing slayer would be a nice bonus.

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