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Corp Beast


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Corporeal Beast

  • THIS -> It's currently 1 Corporeal Beast for the entire server. This makes it so Ironman can't solo, becouse people just run in and crash them. Revert it to the way it was before instance tokens came in the game, so every ironman has a individual instance, and mains share the normal room unless they use a token.
  • OR THIS -> Make it so you can teleport back to a instance you opened with a token for 10 minutes. This would allow people to solo and prep the kill for 10 minutes. You could also make it so you can only teleport to your POH for the instance to remain available to teleport back to, so people would be forced to have a pool in the POH.

This is a major issue, since there's quite a few people grinding corp, and it's preventing other people from doing it.


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