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My name is Soda,

I'm 24, Italian & Filipino and a competitive health nut.

Been playing Runescape since 06' and chime into a new RSPS whenever I have the free time do so and don't want to pay for a membership in OSRS.

The competitive side of me stretches far from being a top ranking Cammy, Chun Li and Ibuki player in USSF4, Tekken God Prime Lucky Chloe player in Tekken 7, Top 500 Lucio Player on OW (S2-12), Mid/Jungle Player Platinum 3 - Masters (2011-Current) in LoL. If I'm playing a game that has a ranked mode, then that's what I'll be queueing into.

Never been too much in PvP on Runescape though, couldn't get a handle on switches, what items to click etc. Hopefully I'll be able to practice some here and get into it!

I'm a huge health nut, body build regularly, constantly on a diet and my free time goes towards that. Took State in 2013 for my High School and played varsity as a DE in Football.

So pretty much to sum me up, I'm a very competitive spirit but I also make sure to have fun while doing so!

Career wise, I'm an animation assistant for a studio called The Behemoth, started from Newgrounds. All art you see from my profile picture to my signature I did myself. I don't normally take commissions due to being busy so often, but if we get along I may consider it.


If you'd like to get to know me more, my PMs are always open and I'm always looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends! Hope to see you all in-game soon!


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