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Zaros Updates - Nex


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Happy February, Zaros!
This update features a revision upgrade to #202, Nex, and miscellaneous content changes and fixes. Have a read over the patch notes and let us know what you think in the comments below.
Revision Upgrade:
  • We have upgraded to the latest client build. If you encounter any issues with UI or broken mechanics due to this upgrade, please post a bug report on the forums.
  • Ancient Prison:
    • Can be accessed in the teleporter under "Bosses"
    • Unlike OSRS, there is no requirement to gain entry to the Ancient prison, and each of the four gods do not need to be killed.
    • Depending on your donator rank, you will still have to kill a few minions (or have an ecumenical key) prior to entering Nex's chamber
  • Boss Mechanics:
  • Drops/Rewards:
    • Uniques:
      • Works similarly to OSRS in that each player has a chance to roll for a unique, determined by their contribution to the fight. Base rate is currently 1/53 (with a built-in 40% server boost, making it 1/31) (in a solo fight).
      • Once a unique is rolled, you have a chance of getting the following:
        • Ancient hilt - 1/12
        • Torva full helm (damaged) - 2/12
        • Torva platebody (damaged) - 2/12
        • Torva platelegs (damaged) - 2/12
        • Nihil horn - 2/12
        • Zaryte vambraces - 3/12
      • Damaged torva pieces must be repaired on an avil using bandosian components.
      • Bandosian components can be received from using a bandos chestplate or bandos tassets on the ancient forge (located inside the ancient prison)
        • Chestplate gives 3 bandosian components
        • Tassets give 2 bandosian components
      • Nihil horn can be combined with an armadyl crossbow and 250 nihil shards to create a Zaryte Crossbow
    • Nexling - Base rate of 1/500 (solos) scaled based on contribution for bigger team sizes
      • Has been assigned an initial pet rating of 50. After a few weeks of release, we will update this rating and add a unique pet perk according to how rare or easily obtainable the pet becomes.
  • Other notes:
    • A custom damage counter has been added to nex, showing the top 7 damagers
    • Nex can be rolled on both boss slayer tasks and town board tasks (challenge only)
    • Some other items that were added on this update, obtainable from monsters in the ancient prison:
      • Blood essence - provides a 50% chance to craft an additional blood rune. Provides 1,000 uses.
      • Ancient Ceremonial - prayer armour
      • Ecumenical key shards - can be combined into a full ecumenical key using 50 shards.
      • Nihil shards:
        • Used to make a zaryte crossbow
        • Can be crushed with a pestle and mortar into nihil dust which can be mixed witha n unfinished dwarf weed potion at 85 herblore to make an ancient brew.
Pet Changes:
  • You can now place a pet down in place of another pet, effectively swapping this out. This will require a free inventory slot as you will first pickup the previous pet before placing the new one down.
  • Fixed the "Twofold" perk not working correctly when killing revenants.
  • Chambers of Xeric
    • Leaving a party before it is disbanded will now broadcast and add items to the collection log.
    • During event masses, re-rolled items that were not looted will now be broadcasted and added to collection log automatically.
  • Fixed rocco's ruins spawning on top of a house at land's end.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Fixed issues with being stacked out (by damage) when stepping on flames
    • The flames will now push you off and grant you temporary immunity to the flame trail following you
  • Tempoross:
    • Added the missing collection log. Items you have already obtained should be added to it upon login.
  • Fixed certain green, blue, red, and black dragons not being marked as a "dragon", causing players to not receive the full damage bonus when using certain weapons and gear.
  • Agility:
    • You can no longer spam click monkeybars on the pollnivneach rooftop agility course.
  • Construction:
    • Fixed the POH achievement having to be completed in reverse order.
    • Mahogany homes - fixed houses not updating properly when using npc contact to obtain a new contract that is in the same house you were already in.
  • Fletching:
    • Attempting to attach arrowtips to headless arrows while not having inventory space is no longer possible.
  • Magic:
    • Fixed the charge spell not working when an npc you recently damaged was killed off by another npc (or boss in most cases).
    • Thralls:
      • Can now be re-summoned after a 10 second spell cooldown. This will remove your old one in place of the new one.
      • Casting the spell no longer interrupts movement and combat.
  • Thieving:
    • Added enhanced crystal teleport seed to elf pickpocket tables
  • Barrows armour:
    • Proccing with an amulet of the damned equipped will now proc both the original armour benefit AND the amulet of the damned benefit at the same time rather than rolling each one individually.
  • The saradomin godsword special attack will now properly heal against minions that modify your damage prior to the hit (such as nightmare sleepwalkers)
  • Fixed duplicate pet rewards not being given when gambling fire/infernal capes.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Ironmen will now walk to an item on the floor before being told they cannot take it. This has been temporarily reverted and should return in a future update.
  • Corrected crystal pickaxe animations while in combat and when mining.
  • Fixed tabs in the scroll sack interface.
  • Costume storage in PoH will now allow more items in it.
  • Antisanta outfits, Santa outfits, and haelmalchemy (from vanstrom klause) can now be dropped instead of destroyed.
  • Fixed the extreme/super donator bonus for obtaining clues from gathering skills being swapped.
  • You can now recolor broadcast and yell messages through the settings interface.
  • Fixed certain NPCs around the world becoming visually bugged.
  • The two collection log notification settings will now work as intended.
  • The RuneLite hitpoints overlay will now be much more accurate.


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